Beginner Guide To Cryptocurrencies


  1. On a browser chrome or firefox go to this page and install this extension.
  2. Follow what metamask tells you to do, backup your seed and remember your password and you will get your first ETH address. Congratulations.
  3. Get some ETH from somewhere. Go to an exchange (eg: Kraken, Binance (you can use my referral link to say thank you for this article :), Coinbase) and open an account there. Pass KYC, put $60 or more and buy around $30 worth of ETH. Since you’re here, buy some BTC too..let’s say $60 or more
  4. Transfer the ETH that you bought to your Metamask address. Congratulate yourself, you did a great job and now you’re the owner of some crypto that only you have custody upon.



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