Ethereum Learning Resources

Attention: Each person is different. some people learn faster by watching video tutorials..some by reading…some by listening to audio.

You have to see what works best for you.

Video tutorials:

This one is one of the most famous Ethereum videos. A must watch

(a bit more complex)

Written tutorials: — the number #1 book about Ethereum

Do you know enough ?

There’s never-ending learning but…. If you don’t know the answer to all of the below questions, than this means that you don’t know the basics… and should address this issue by studying more

1. What is the difference between private key, public key and address what is a seed what is a nonce.

2. What is “wei”, “gwei”

3. How can you get the USD / ETH exchange rate from inside Ethereum ? What are Oracles ?

4. What is an HD Wallet ?

5. Does Metamask have an HD wallet in it ?

6. What is RPC node? how you can connect to it

7. What are Metamask’s alternatives ?

8. What is the difference between RPC node and Signer Node.

9. What is gas price, what is gas limit ?

10. What happens if you set the gas price to low, what happens if you set the gas limit to low ?

11. What is ERC20 ? ERC721 ? ERC1155

12. What is the difference total supply, max supply, circulating supply

13. Who is Vitalik, Joseph Lubin ?

14. What does Consenys company do ?

15. What will ETH2.0 have over 1.0 ?



Crypto / Security… mostly

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