Finding out the Mekaverse smart contract before they verify it on ETH Mainnet

Xyz Zyx
2 min readOct 7, 2021
well not really :) just the source code

so everyone is hyped up about this Mekaverse, and they published and minted 1 token but they kept their smart contract unverified (so bots don’t get ideas)

Let’s find out if we can find the source code

  • first I noticed that the address doesn’t have txes in other blockchains, mostly I would look at testnets

very good, nothing shows up. they used a clean address

next…….. let’s see if someone published a ‘good looking’ contract on some testnets. Rinkeby comes first, then Polygon second. Searching by MEKA on rinkeby results in 4 contracts published

so boom! there’s the source code for Mekaverse

Interesting findings:

They copied / style of presale :)

address signerOwner = signatureWallet(wallet,_tokensId,_timestamp,_signature);

require(signerOwner == owner(), “Not authorization to mint”);

PS1. The mainnet contract doesn’t necessary mean it will copy the testnet one. There’s a high chance it will ok, so nothing is 100%

PS2. I’m available for smart contract audits & custom smart contract development. contact me on telegram @andyxyz1

and mention you got my ID from this blog post please

Final contract: