NFT Development Introduction

In programming an NFT is not an image or a gif, it’s a number that has the owner a wallet.

All we do is manage that number

For example

This NFT is the number 6236

The smart contracts handling the ownership of the NFTs are ERC721 and ERC1155 (uniques and non-uniques eg: concert tickets)

In the smart contract there’s a function called tokenURI (or uri for ERC1155) , that base URI must be public and starts with https:// or ipfs://

for example for the above NFT 6236 the smart contract is is located here

and has the tokenURI

that link is formed by appending the token ID to the base uri ( etc

the return value from that token must be a json

that follows opensea standard for metadata for an NFT

You must follow 100% the opensea standard because if you don’t your token might not appear correctly there.


start by hosting the tokens URI on AWS S3, or Google Buckets or via your API (do not use IPFS in the begining)

image: jpeg max 3mb (max 2000x2000x px)

if you want to include a high quality image add “high_quality_image” in the json and put there the link to the high quality image

description: max 3 sentences

Smart Contract

there are lots of things to talk about here but in short

every NFT smart contract has an owner that usually withdraw the funds from the sale of the NFTs.

the owner also can change the baseURI and assign other things like minters / prices / amounts etc.

the most efficient way gas cost way (and from others) to do airdrops is via multisend

don’t go too crazy with admin mint (transactions are public)

no one gives a shit about IPFS, decentralisation etc… with NFT they all want to sell them for a more expensive price



Crypto / Security… mostly

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