Preparing the NFT layers assets generation, avatar style, random layers, random combinations

Xyz Zyx
2 min readNov 24, 2021

This article is for my clients, artists and project managers and shows them how to give me the exported art project for NFT generation

Here’s what I need

A zipped folder called “layers” that contains all layers, each one in it’s own folder with prefix that shows the order of the combinations. eg


Tip: Optional Layers

If you want a layer to be optional, add a "90-none.png" a transparent PNG with same size as the other layers 2000x2000px (for example)

Don’t go crazy on the layers! There should be max 15 layers and the usual NFT project has 8–10 layers

Inside each folder every asset is exported at 2000x2000px. All assets must be exported at the same resolution and each asset should be placed in the PNG file at the correct coordinates where it must appear.

Each asset should follow the pattern <rarity weight>-<variant name>.png

Eg: 99-iron.png is very common, but 2-platinum.png would have a chance to be very rare.

The rarity is chosen via a script with a random probability. This means that 99-platinum.png could be 1%, 0.5% or 1.5% depending on randomness

After all above is done, I’ll generate a sample of 300-500 images for review. In case there are abnormalies: pixels left forgotten, some combination doesn’t show good, some accessory goes where it shouldn’t or simply something looks ugly, then you give me the same zipped folder containing everything as before, with only the changed pngs replaced.

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