The downfall of opensea

Opensea started good..but it’s now a dinosaur, lead by incompetent people, full of bugs without any client support

  • There absolutley no client support

Their bugs discord channel is a bot giving message about safety over and over again.

Their ticketing system overwhelmed

Basic things like metadata refresh ain’t working.

every week I get this

while their “uptime” report shows this

Contracts aren’t beeing recognised as compatible

While the platform is generating a huge income they remain at 47 employees or something. Why not hire some more support? money is not a problem

How much this will go on ? it’s not long before opensea will give it’s last breath

Until then I strongly recommend you to switch to

(later edit) seems that rarible is also plagued with bugs :(…

Does anyone knows a good marketplace ?



Crypto / Security… mostly

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